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Grand Temps

Grand Temps Indonesia - MORE by Morello

Grand Temps is a lifestyle watch company that explores structure, colors, clock mechanics, and everything else that goes into watch design. As wristwatch aficionados we are extremely dedicated to deliver goods that are well crafted with heavy precision and care from our partners’ workshop to your hands.


Started with the intention of making a product with novelty value. We have developed a line of products that will undoubtedly be part of our hand’s daily activity. As an international brand, sourcing was not a problem of where it came from, as long as it served it’s function greatly.


Wristwatches are reliable as accessories. They do not only tell time, it acts as a furnish to your outfit. Back in the days wristwatches were not precise, it is not until the 1900s wristwatches became dependable like it is today. Today, all kinds of wristwatches are available in every type of form imaginable. They used to be made with the precision and function in mind, with the technologies available today we do not need to focus in that area anymore, that is why we start from design.


Beautiful form, great design. Grand Temps.


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