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Pioneer Wallet Indonesia - MORE by Morello


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Santalum Indonesia - MORE by Morello

SANTALUM Indonesia started in 2010 by two best friends who have interest in leather shoemaking and couldn’t find any fine quality shoes made locally. Instead of buying well-known shoes, we initiatively started to make their own shoes, with the purpose to build the best quality boots possible made locally from the best leather and materials that worth wearing for years. Today, SANTALUM Indonesia has made thousand of fine quality shoes in our humbly small workshop with highly skilled pattern-maker and shoe-maker. And we never satisfy of what we achieved today and strive to become better in every aspect, especially to deliver finest shoes made from Indonesian hand of artisan.

The craftsmanship we use is one of the oldest techniques in shoemaking industry, the goodyearwelted. All of the shoes were made manually by hand with high attention of detail. It makes every shoes that comes from our workshop will have individual touch that distinct them among others.  At SANTALUM Indonesia, the welt is cut individually to suit the shoes and later it sewn by hand with special waxed thread in purpose to get the strongest construction made by hand. 

The clicking process is performed by highly skilled pattern-maker. Since the process was done by hand, it has high flexibility to have clean and smooth leather upper. In addition, we only work with the best quality leather to ensure every pair of shoes is reach our expectation and we’re proudly deliver that to you. We believe we can achieve this by keeping things simple with our focus aimed at quality.


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