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NAM Watches

NAM Watches Indonesia - MORE by Morello

NAM Watch succeed to obtain investments over $15.000 in just one campaign in Kickstarter, this achievement can be considered as a very extraordinary by a Indonesian emerging company. NAM Watch proved that commitment and creativity can be succeed in Kickstarter even it’s unimaginable to achieve

Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects and one of the leading websites that facilitate the maker or creator of the creative projects with someone that wanted to back those projects brought to life. Kickstarter is a website based in United States and operates internationally, so it’s unlikely at first for a business from a region or country with minimum recognition such as Indonesia to success in gaining backers.

But that obstacle is successfully broken by NAM watch, a nationalist emerging company that has committed to become the fine watchmaking company in the future toward improved quality of products, and excellent designs craftsmanship

NAM Watch have some very interesting and high quality product that combining the concept of fine watches and touch of cultures from Indonesia like Batik or some of the famous traditional patterns from certain region in Indonesia

Clearly, NAM watch has goals, back when the first goal was achieved which was the funded project, another goals were set. Community was formed from that successful campaign, the company realized that, the products are well accepted internationally and quite popular for customers in several countries abroad. Now they return to the origins of the Brand itself, Indonesia, to introduce the products into domestic market and to gain name and support for the growth of the company domestically.

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