Supercharge your carry, one backpack at a time.

Able Carry is a small team from Hong Kong, a tiny island of 7 million people, giant skyscrapers, and as much city as you can handle. When they couldn’t find an everyday backpack designed for city like theirs, they built it ourselves and launched it on Kickstarter. Since then, they've been on a relentless mission to make the best tools for todays citizens, so they can carry better with gear, in comfort and style. Here’s what they believe in:


No gimmicks or unecessary features added, just a sleek design built using great materials with quality craftsmanship.

Engineered for Comfort

We’re obsessive when it comes to support. Everything we do is based around helping carry your gear comfortably.

Built to Last

We've optimised our bags to handle day-to-day abuse, and we take our testing seriously, like dirt-bike-drag-test seriously.