BEYONDEXX "No.1 SPECIAL DENIM CARE WASH" is a special detergent for denim specialized in denim. In order to enjoy the aging slowly without spoiling the atmosphere peculiar to denim, pay attention to the ingredients of color stopper and anti-discoloring agent used in the cleaning industry, and have excellent bacteriostatic effect and breeding of bacteria Developed our own anti-discoloration agent with efficacy to suppress odor. Indigo dye outflow is less than washing with water, it is a detergent that can remove dirt firmly without lowering the color of the denim fabric as much as possible.Many of the raw materials are derived from vegetable origin and perfumed cosmetics standards, and liquidity is important because it is most suitable for washing delicate textiles such as silk and wool, so it is important It is possible to wash it without damaging the denim fabric.