Porter-Yoshida & Co. was established in 1962 by Yoshida & Co. Ltd. Named for the traditional hotel porter, Porter-Yoshida & Co focuses on creating products of the absolute highest quality, by hand, in their workshops in Japan. The timeless styles are created using durable materials and hearty construction, and are intended to last a lifetime.

Porter Yoshida now have 3 brands, and various collaboration with other brands. The first one is Porter, it's most famous produced items in Japan and worldwide that is established in 1962, the 2nd one is Luggage Label that is established in 1984, that aim adults for it's cutting edge technology and new materials for the branded bags, and the alst one is porter girl in 2009 that aims for more feminine designs and fabrics.

Porter also has collaboration with a private brand, Head porter, that create a unique and functional collection using original quality materials and craftsmanship.

Head Porter's unique and functional collection includes the classic "Tanker Navy" series, which was specially requested by "Yoshida Kaban", and the "Black Beauty" series, created completely from refined matte black materials.