Payment Methods



We provide the best offer for our customers. 


For your best experience and convenience while shopping with us, you can now make payments via Credit Card with VISA, Mastercard,

JCB or American Express logo. 0% Installments is available when paying with BCA Credit Card. And speed up your purchasing process via 

Bank Virtual Accounts by BCA, Mandiri, BNI, Permata and OVO.


BCA 0% Installment Terms and Conditions

1. Installment program is available for minimum payment of IDR 500.000
2. Installment program is available only for BCA and Mandiri cardholder with VISA or Mastercard logo.
3. Available for 3-month & 6-month.
4. Transaction with installment program will not be charged administration fee (credit card charges).
5. Installment program will take time to be effective in your credit card statement for up to 10 working days.
6. Contact us for more information.

Payment Steps



    Particularly for payment using the preferred method through credit card, the terms below shall prevail:

    (a) It is compulsory that you give your credit card number, type of credit card and CVV number as written on your credit card and fill it out in the available box;

    (b) any credit card data given to us will be forwarded to the relevant bank for further examination on the payment validity and based on the information from the bank, we entitle to reject and cancel your transaction if any discrepancies information or suspicious;

    (c) we will immediately charge your credit card account at time you make the online payment through credit card in accordance with the stages of instructions in this Site, followed by delivery of your product(s) according to the price of such product(s) you have paid;

    (d) we will not charge any fees and/or charge your credit card for any unavailable products;

    (e) in order to give comfort, security and maximum protection when carrying out the online payment transaction through credit card upon placing the order on this Site, we currently use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology and/or other protocol that more secure and better service deemed best from time to time without any necessity to give prior notice to you;

    (f) for any successful payment transaction, we will send a confirmation email to your email address available in your personal data, at the latest 1 (one) business day after such payment has been received and recorded in the relevant bank;

    (g) any payment made by credit card will be processed at the latest within a period of 24hours from the date of the payment transaction which has been successfully performed; and

    (h) it is compulsory that you keep any receipt of your payment as stipulated in these Terms for your records if it’s required at any time.

    (i) It is compulsory that you need to send us photo of your credit card's front side via email to This action is to prevent any misusage of credit card issues that often occur lately. We will assuredly guarantee the security and confidentiality of your personal credit card data.