Alpaka Stealth Belt

Size: 24" (61cm) - 32" (81cm)
  • The Stealth Belt is a high-tenacity modern belt made for everyday life and outdoor adventures.

    Three sizes

    24" (61cm) - 32" (81cm)

    30" (76cm) - 38" (96.5cm)

    39" (99cm) - 46" (117cm)

    Magnetic Fidlock buckle - Quick-release German-made magnetic buckle.

    No holes & no flap - Unlike leather belts, the belt will last longer and won't dig holes into the belt. Clean & sleek look.

    Simple, lightweight & comfortable - Easy to adjust and with no moving parts, this belt achieves a minimalist look with ultimate durability.

    Comfort First - The magnetic buckle is lightweight and extremely easy to use.

    Weatherproof - The high-strength polyester webbing won't get damaged when soaked. The buckle is also rustproof.

    Fully adjustable - Easy to adjust & slightly elastic.

    Modular - Compatible with our modular accessories.

    Strong & Durable - Holds up to 100 kgs of force.

    Antimicrobial coating: Treated with anti-microbial technology that combines advanced silver nanoparticle technology to inhibit the growth and persistence of microorganisms on the fabric surface.