Bellroy Tokyo Wonder Tote 15L

Color: Storm Gray

    This clever tote bag is a workday wonder, with intuitive organization for your laptop, work tools and daily essentials.

    Two carry zones

    The organized front pocket keeps personal items – phone, keys, glasses – at hand, while the main compartment zips work gear away until you need it.

    Internal toolbelt

    Access to the laptop sleeve and internal pockets is all at the same height, creating a ‘toolbelt’ that makes finding your things quick and intuitive.

    Disappearing zipper

    Tote zippers can often obstruct your access, so we designed one that all but disappears when it’s open. To give you full, wide-mouth access to what’s inside.

    Travel in mind

    The trolley pass-through slides onto your suitcase handle while you navigate the terminal. And the tote’s triangular profile helps it fit under your arm down the plane aisle.

    Loved by Lina

    Our co-founder Lina is this tote’s biggest champion – she test drove it and even coined the name. Her favorite feature? “The front pockets. They’re spectacular.”

    “Those two front pockets work like a bag, on a bag. The interior holds your work things, but the front pockets hold all the personal items that come with you everywhere – phone, keys, lip balm. They’re essentially like your pants pockets.”

    - Lina, Bellroy’s co-founder and co-CEO