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Black Ember Mag-Fold Wallet

  • The Mag-Fold is a minimal magnetic bi-fold wallet, crafted from multiple layers of Cordura® nylon using our BOND-STITCH laser-cut construction.

    The Mag-Fold Wallet has four magnets embedded inside it that ensure it stays closed with a satisfying "click". Although we placed metal shielding between the magnets and the card slots, over time it is possible to expose your magnetic-strip cards to the magnets and this could damage a magnetic strip.

    For this reason we do not recommend using the Mag-Fold with magnetic strip cards. The Mag-Fold is designed for Chip + Pin cards and the Magnets will not affect Chip + Pin cards.

    The vast majority of global credit card transactions are now made with Chip + Pin cards and major credit card companies are actively phasing out the use of magnetic strip cards.