Black Ember Sacoche Jet Black

  • The SACOCHE_01 is an ultra-minimal pack made for your essentials and designed to be worn under or over a jacket.

    It’s a simple and minimal flat pack with just enough space for an iPad mini, your phone, wallet and keys.

    The SACOCHE_01 is built from the new CORDURA® 420 Velocity re/cor™ RN66 and bonded YKK Acquaguard zipper. The Velocity fabric features the same CORDURA® durability and quality with a lustrous matte-shine, dust & dirt resistant finish. The SACOCHE_01 features our latest T6 anodized aluminum hardware including our 20mm gated hooks. There’s also a magnetic quick-drop back pocket.

    Black Ember is proud to be the world's first brand to collaborate with CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics on the launch of its new CORDURA® re/cor™ RN66 collection. It is the first 100% recycled nylon 6,6 textile from CORDURA®.

    When compared to virgin N6,6 production CORDURA® re/cor™ RN66 produces 83% fewer GHG emissions, consumes 82% less energy and uses 57% less water.

    The CORDURA® re/cor™ RN66 refers to recycled Nylon 6,6. That 6,6 rating means it's a high tenacity nylon and that it is ultra-durable. CORDURA® re/cor™ RN66 has passed the brutal barrage of tests that make a woven nylon CORDURA® brand certified.

    All Black Ember products are made using our BOND-STITCH high-precision construction. All textile components are laser-cut for precise assembly. This construction yields a super durable, over-engineered pack with a blacked-out, minimal and stealthy aesthetic.