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C-Secure x Harishazka Aluminium RFID Cardholder

Color: Silver
  • Special Collaboration between C-Secure & Harishazka

    This unique C-Secure wallet featuring original artwork from Harishazka. The contemporary approach from Harishazka towards "environmental awareness" has given birth to a unique yet colourful design, inspired by stacks of plastic that hard to be recycled. Embedded artwork in the side of the wallet, this unique wallet surely will be an addition to your style.

    Harishazka Fauzan (Jakarta, Indonesia) is an artist who mainly works with drawing and mixed media, he explores his works with the architectural approach by combining geometric shapes, lines, colours, and taking daily life as subject matter. His works characterised by the use of the outline-less shape that is recognised through the use of various vibrant colours.

    Harishazka's artwork has been renowned in Jakarta's art scene, he showcased his works in many exhibitions. He is one of the few people that joined the world of DCODE 2020.

    This unique C-Secure wallet includes a special compartment to hold and protect your credit cards. Up to 6 cards slot into place and with a click all of the cards slowly slide out. This means no more bent credit cards and no more loose cards falling out of place.

    The card holder protects your credit cards RFID chips from being read by outsiders.

    Perfect for keeping in your back pocket.