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Chipolo CARD White

  • The thinnest Chipolo, perfect for finding your wallet, passport pouch or remote control in seconds. Use the app to ring your misplaced item or double click on Chipolo to find your phone. Let Chipolo take care of your belongings and find your peace of mind.

    RING CHIPOLO - Ring Chipolo from the Chipolo app on your phone.

    FIND YOUR PHONE - Ring your phone by double clicking the Chipolo.

    LAST KNOWN LOCATION - Track your item to where you last had it via the Chipolo app.

    OUT OF RANGE ALERTS - Receive a notification from the app when you leave your item behind.

    SHARING – You can share Chipolo with your loved ones and you can all use it to find the item you are sharing.

    COMMUNITY SEARCH - Mark your item as lost in the app. When any Chipolo user comes near your item, you will receive an updated location.

    VOICE CONTROL – Chipolo works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri.

    CHANGE RINGTONE – You can change the ringtone of your Chipolo.

    WIDGET – You can ring Chipolo from your phone's home screen, without opening the app.

    SELFIE – Use Chipolo as a remote shutter of your phone's camera.