Deltahub Carpio G2.0 Ergonomic Wrist Rest

Color: Right Large Black
  • Inspired by our community

    Despite of success of Carpio 2.0 we still got roasted by one specific group of people - The Gamers. We received dozens of emails explaining where we went wrong. After in-depth analysis we uncovered two major issues:

    the lack of control over Carpio 2.0 and

    extensive palm sweating.

    These issues were both connected with the intense gaming sessions as well as long working hours.

    Over 50 beta testers from all over the world

    After over 14 prototypes there was only one thing left to do — it was time to test it out.

    We had professional gamers as well as over 50 beta testers, test out and game with Carpio G2.0. Their accumulated feedback gave us all the information we needed to create the best gaming wrist rest.