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    It’s funny how things work out sometimes. Robert Macfarlane’s “Underland: A Deep Time Journey” was Jim’s favorite book of 2019, and it was Stanley Donwood’s glorious painting “Nether,” which illustrates the book’s cover, that first drew Jim to it in a local bookshop. Robert wrote a piece on the Penguin site about writing the book and specifically about the notebooks he kept while doing research, and it turns out, many of those journals were Field Notes.

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    With a quick email exchange, a swap of a signed copy of the book for a box of Field Notes was arranged. Fast forward to the publication of the paperback of “Underland” and it seemed natural to produce an Underland Field Notes collaboration. We’re proud to say that this limited edition is available now. Even if you’re not planning a trip to the catacombs under Paris, or the “starless rivers” that flow below the limestone in north-west Italy, we hope you’ll find these useful to record your own adventures.

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    Robert Macfarlane, is a much awarded author, known for his books on landscape, science, place, and language. His latest, “Underland,” explores the subterranean world including a nuclear waste facility in Finland, ancient burial tombs under Somerset, England, the Paris catacombs, and a laboratory buried deep under the UK where scientists study sub-atomic particles and the origins of the universe. The Guardian called “Underland,” “one of the most ambitious works of narrative non-fiction of our age,” and it is now available in paperback.

    Stanley Donwood is best known for creating the artwork and album covers for Radiohead since 1994. A prolific painter and designer, Donwood’s “Nether” is featured on the cover of “Underland,” and on our limited-edition 3-Pack. Macfarlane and Donwood also published “Ness,” a beautifully illustrated prose poem about a specific place and its (and our) history.