Free Rage Recycled Cotton Tee It's My Shoes Sumi

Size: S
  • Pigment (pigment) dyeing in the state of the product + bio (chemical) processing is applied, expressing unique color and texture, print is also dropped by special technique according to the atmosphere of the body.

    It is characterized by stereoscopic color unevenness of the uneven part, and the atmosphere increases rapidly as you wear.

    What is recycled cotton ... It is a new fabric made by recycling uneven threads and fallen cotton which is usually disposed of at the stage of spinning and gathering uneven threads and fallen cotton, which has a sense of unevenness like a slab fabric, a unique fabric Feeling, texture like old clothes is characterized by a special fabric sewing specification that sees the thread which is said to be "Suko pulling" often seen in old clothes of 1970 - 1980 's.

    The neck around has become a binder neck so that you can reduce your growth and love it for a long time.