Life Behind Bars The Slingshot 9L Sling Bag Black

Life Behind Bars

  • For millenia, women have always had the upper hand when it comes to carrying small essentials with their fancy purses and clutches, while the only thing men have are jean pockets, and god forbid, fanny packs, well guess what, men wants a proper way to carry their plethora of gadgets and knick-knacks too, one that also passes the judgement of your local fashion police. ‘The Slingshot’ 9L slingbag is god’s answer to men’s prayer, it is the perfect size to carry your small essentials such as phone, wallet, ipad, powerbank, sunglasses, notebook, pens, small towel, bike tool, mini pump, u-lock, and even a rain jacket or a change of clothes.

    It is Weatherproof, features a Fidlock® magnetic sliding buckle for convenient and fast opening / closing of the flap, has a dual-adjustable main strap buckle for consistent usage experience on either shoulders, a padded back panel for improved comfort, has one outer pocket and two inner pockets for organisation, a U-Lock holster, a light loop, and it also feature a detachable anti-sway strap, perfect for rigorous activities that require a lot of movement such as cycling or running.

    Oh and by the way, of course women can wear The Slingshot too, we don’t want a group of feminist all of a sudden come banging on our doors :)