Bellroy Lite Sling Ash (Leather Free)

  • This lightweight sling makes adventures feel weightless, while keeping your essentials right where you need them.

    Carry lite move freely

    The ripstop fabric in our Lite range bags is 3x lighter than our other fabrics, but still has the structure and rugged durability to stand up to everyday adventures.

    Growth potential

    The expandable side gusset keeps this bag slim when it’s empty, but grows when you need to fit more in.

    A whole new way to zip

    The innovative zipper opens from both ends, creating an ultra-wide opening that lets you see and grab everything, without rummaging.

    Ready to go

    Pack it flat in your weekend bag or travel luggage. Then pull it out when you arrive, for hands-free excursions.

    Magnetic appeal

    A strong, one-handed magnetic clasp on the strap lets you secure the bag in a snap.