Orbitkey ID Card Holder Pro Stone

  • Interchangeable Orientation

    The ID Card Holder Pro supports cards in both portrait and landscape orientations. Just transfer the hook from one leather loop to the other.

    Interference-Free Scanning

    Carry multiple RFID cards and still scan your ID, public transport or primary access card without removing it from the card holder.

    Protect Your Privacy

    Simply pull down and flip your card around to use the built-in privacy feature. The card holder sits within a cavity in the retractor casing so that it doesn’t flip back around.

    Made to Last

    The unique swivel belt hook allows the retractor to rotate in the direction you pull the Card Holder in – minimising wear on the retractor cord and creating a truly seamless interaction.

    Extra Storage and Security

    The ID Card Holder Pro can hold 2 additional RFID cards (such as credit cards and public transport cards) – with RFID blocking technology to protect from digital theft.

    Hidden Storage for Small Items

    The Pro model has extra storage for small items, such as a key and emergency cash, hidden in a cavity under your ID card.

    Wear It Your Way

    Clips onto your belt, bag or skirt – or opt for the detachable woven lanyard which comes with a breakaway release for added safety and convenience.

    Crafted From Premium Materials

    Made from ethically sourced leather and 100% recycled woven polyester, so you can feel proud, professional and confident with an elegant card holder that you can rely on, day after day.