Pioneer The Flyfold Wallet Forest 10XD

  • A cult-favorite billfold stripped down to the very essentials for simplicity and increased strength. Our slimmest billfold by far, yet also the highest capacity at 16+ cards and up to 30+ bills.

    Designer's note: This progressive style is a leap for some, but once they try it they become true believers. The truth is, you use 1-2 of the same cards 90% of the time. This design builds around that while letting you stuff it as full as you want. Have you seen a snake swallow a rabbit? It's like that.

    (The 2.0 version has been entirely re-engineered from the ground-up with better hand-feel, durability and increased capacity.)

    10XD™ - 10X stronger than steel, this ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene is our premium technical offering. A smooth DWR finish repels dirt and water keeping your wallet in like-new condition for years.

    3XD™ - Featuring a luxurious matte finish and amazing hand feel, 3XD is a 3-ply nylon with dirt and water resistance (DWR), and out performs leather in every way. Formerly known as 3PN.

    Baby Ballistic™ - We shrunk down a well-known workhorse fabric and put it through finishing school. Maintaining the rugged/tactical spirit of ballistic nylon we reduced the bulk, shine, and oversized weave, creating a refined and precise material better suited for your pocket and our fine-tuned construction.