Reproduction US WW2 M43 Jacket by US Comp4ny M-1943 Combat Jacket

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  • Reproduction US WW2 M43 Jacket by US Comp4ny M-1943 Combat Jacket

    Jacket, Field.

    The American's started to develop the M1943 combat jacket in 1942 after complaints about the existing jackets and it was designed to replace the M41 jacket, M42 jump suit, wool overcoat, artic jacket and the mackinaw.

    The M43 jacket was issued as part of the M1943 uniform and was first tested in a field evaluation in the summer of 1943 by the 3rd Infantry Division in the landings at Anzio. After this evaluation it was issued in the Italian theatre of operations. It was not issued in the NW Europe till after the Normandy landings as General Eisenhower has already scheduled the issue of the new M44 wool field jackets as part of the winter uniform. The first troops in NW Europe to be issued the M43 jacket in any quantity was the Airborne troops of the 17th Airborne Division.

    The M43 uniform was being issued to troops in the ETO (European Theatre of Operations) and by January 1945 it was being issued on mass to all American soldiers.

    The M43 was issued to all US soldiers including Infantry, Armoured and Airborne. The Airborne worn the jacket without any modifications to it as the design was ok for their needs (the airborne did modify the M43 trousers by adding leg pockets and leg ties but the jacket was the same) they just wore there airborne divisional patch and the 48 star invasion flag brassard (if required). USC has made this high quality replica of the US M43 combat jacket and is has the following features :