Star Wars™ | Orbitkey Key Organiser - Emperor Palpatine™

  • There's No Match to the Power of the Dark Side

    The most infamous dark lord, Emperor Palpatine™ restored the Sith™ and destroyed the Jedi Order™, ruling the galaxy through tyranny and fear in the first galactic empire.

    Organisation of Galactic Proportions

    Inspired by iconic heroes and villains, the Star Wars™ | Orbitkey Collection Key Organisers celebrate Star Wars in Orbitkey’s elegant and understated design language.

    Awaken Your Dark Side

    Exemplifying the sheer power and status of the Emperor, this luxurious black saffiano leather Key Organiser is detailed and textured, with a deep purple leather lining and stitching that is synonymous with Palpatine’s™ Sith™ robes.

    Subtle Star Wars™ Details

    Inside the Key Organiser you’ll find an extra special touch – Emperor Palpatine’s™ name in Aurebesh, the symbol of The Empire, and the quote “Power! Unlimited Power!” debossed on the leather lining.

    Journey into a Package of Surprises

    Each Key Organiser is presented in Star Wars™-inspired packaging, and comes with a collectable character card.