Star Wars™ | Orbitkey Key Organiser - Grogu™

  • The Cheeky Child

    A mysterious Force sensitive alien, Grogu’s™ strength with the Force once saved The Mandalorian’s™ life, creating an inseparable bond as they travelled across the galaxy.

    Organisation of Galactic Proportions

    Inspired by iconic heroes and villains, the Star Wars™ | Orbitkey Collection Key Organisers celebrate Star Wars™ in Orbitkey’s elegant and understated design language.

    Feel the Force

    Like his comforting robes, this Key Organiser is crafted with fuzzy light tan and green suede, with silver hardware that symbolises Grogu’s™ favourite mechanical components within the Razor Crest™.

    Subtle Star Wars™ Details

    Inside the Key Organiser you’ll find an extra special touch – Grogu’s™ name in Aurebesh, a Grogu™ icon, and the quote “Don’t be afraid.” debossed on the leather lining.

    Journey into a Package of Surprises

    Each Key Organiser is presented in Star Wars™-inspired packaging, and comes with a collectable character card.