Timex x Footurama TWLB33100 40mm


  • Jakarta, Indonesia - Footurama has teamed up with TIMEX to create a new rendition to the MK1 model that has a longstanding and fascinating history, as a 1980s military watch that was initially designed to be disposable. Inspired by the campvan community, the two brands brings the aesthetic of vehicle instrument clusters through the customization of TIMEX’s classic timepiece which also equipped with INDIGLO® night light that activate the device’s hidden message, showing the full dial-face.

    Specifications :

    Anodized Alumunium Case

    IINDIGLO® Night-Light / ‘Get Lost’ Hidden Message

    Quartz Analog

    Water Resistant to 50 meters

    Double Layer NATO Style Slip - Thru Strap

    Domed Crystal

    1 Year Warranty