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A Fun Urban-Campfire Night: TOPO Designs Campfire Night Recap

A Fun Urban-Campfire Night: TOPO Designs Campfire Night Recap

On August 27th-28th 2023, TOPO Designs Indonesia threw a very fun & intimate campfire in collaboration with Andhika Bayu–a well-known outdoor photographer from Bandung. This campfire is held at Stamplat Girang, Bandung, to give fellow urban people a breath of fresh air with green sceneries that the campsite offered. The TOPO Designs Campfire Night offers a new experience for people who want to explore outdoor MORE, especially when they have spent their days working in a very busy cityscape. This event is a great opportunity to reconnect within themselves and the world surrounding them.

This campfire carries a tagline“In Nature we explore, With Nature we connect”to give the participants an opportunity to blend in with the sublime outdoors, as well as to connect with each other up to an extent to where mobile phones and social media are not included. There are tons of activities done in the camp that will keep all participants busy, happy, and satisfied throughout the experience. 

In the camp, Andhika Bayu shares his knowledge on the video editing process through his exclusive class session shared during the camp. 

Topo Designs - Campire Night

Through his class, he managed to share his experiences and knowledge to other camp participants in a session that resulted in new skills on how to create very well-thought Instagram reels!

Other than that, this Campfire Night also held bonfire sessions where each participant can share their thoughts to each other while they have BBQ. This will be the highlight of the night–where everyone gets their turn to share something to the table while having a feast!

Topo Designs - Campire Night

Lastly, the TOPO Designs Campfire Night also took you to a breathtakingly active morning trekking. Starting off with sunrise watching, all camp participants then proceeded to go on a mini trekking around Stamplat Girang. The campsite offers magnificent views that are so hard to miss out on!

If you missed all the fun, do not worry, because TOPO Designs Indonesia had a lot MORE fun activities coming in the future. Stay tuned at @morebymorello and @topodesignsid so you don’t miss out on all the other fun TOPO Designs outings. Cheers!