MORE 23 A Recap

Welcome to the MORE by Morello 2023 Recap Journal!As we bid farewell to another incredible year, let's take a moment to reflect on the highlights, achievements, and memorable moments that made 2023 truly special for MORE by Morello.

New Beginnings

The year kicked off with a burst of energy as MORE by Morello introduced exciting additions to our brands lineup. From trend-setting pieces to innovative products, our commitment to providing you with the latest and greatest high-quality goods was unwavering!

Community Connection

This year brought us closer to our community through engaging events and collaborations. From bike gathering & alleycat race to urban-themed campfire and MORE, we celebrated the diverse and vibrant MORE by Morello community because your creativity and passion continues to inspire us.

Let’s throw it back to the awesome moments!

Saturday Morning with Chrome Industries x Batapav Coffee 

Chrome Industries Batapav

Chrome Industries Batapav

This gathering took place on Saturday, March 18th 2023 at Batapav Coffee and Kitchen, Senopati. Created as a funnel for fellow urban bikers to hang & mingle, this event is filled with bike talks over good coffee with thrilling games and undeniably eye-catching prizes!

Raid the Ride: Chrome Industries x House of The Rising Sun Alleycat Race

Chrome Industries House Of The Rising Sun

Chrome Industries House Of The Rising Sun

Chrome Industries House Of The Rising Sun

This is the first ever bike race we’ve ever thrown! Collaborating with House of The Rising Sun, Panglima Polim on Saturday, June 17th 2023, this alleycat race allows everyone to challenge their inner feral self for a bike sprint along the roads of South Jakarta to win amazing prizes from Chrome Industries!

Read morehere.

TOPO Designs Campfire Night

Topo Designs Campfire Night

Topo Designs Campfire Night

Embracing the outdoor identity from TOPO Designs, we threw an urban-themed campfire for everyone on August 26th-27th 2023. This campfire took place on the breathtaking Stamplat Girang, Bandung. Filled with joy and warmth, this urban-themed campfire exceeds the fellow campers’ expectations with its exclusive yet insightful class led by Andhika Bayu and fun festivities. 

Read more about the camphere.

Branching out: ALPAKA is now available at Pacific Place, Jakarta

Alpaka Gear Flagship Store Pacific Place Indonesia

Alpaka Gear Flagship Store Pacific Place Indonesia

Alpaka Gear Flagship Store Pacific Place Indonesia

ALPAKA has always been the fan-favorite brand at MORE by Morello. Coming up with a premium, simplified modern design from Australia, we finally opened a new POP store at Pacific Place level 1, Jakarta, allowing people to shop and try-on ALPAKA’s best-sellers offline!

Looking Ahead: A Sneak Peek into 2024

As we step into the future, MORE by Morello is excited to announce upcoming collaborations, cutting-edge releases, and even more opportunities for you to express your premium style. Stay tuned for an extraordinary 2024 filled with well-curated adventures, and MORE!

Thank you for being a part of the MORE by Morello family in 2023. We can't wait to create more unforgettable moments with you in the coming year. Here's to a stylish and successful 2024!

With love,

The  MORE by Morello Team