The Expandable & Hands Off : Bellroy Sling Bag

Looking for the perfect waist bag? Your prayers may have been answered. Last month, Bellroy added The Sling Bag to their bags collection, with 7 Liters capacity and comes in 4 colours : Mid-Grey, Ink-Blue, Black and Neon Cabernet.



With the sling-bag trends that have been going on lately, make sure you don’t just follow the mode

but pick the right bag that suits your needs and comfort.



Bellroy Sling Bag is indeed has more than meets the eye, it’s built-in-compression design keeps everything in compact with magnetic clasp protected under a small buckle for quick release and sit comfortably on your body. There are two main zipper compartments, the single zipper in the front is small and flat, it’s perfect for a quick access such as keys, mobile phones, card wallet or earphone. The larger main compartment has two zippers which is great in case you’re a left-handed, inside you will find a zipper pouch which you can perhaps fit in your shades and there’s also the typical built-in keyring holder. In order to reduce bulk and it’s weight, Bellroy deliberately keeping everything simple inside the main compartment which is why you won’t see many pouches inside.



Regardless of the compression feature, you might want to keep in mind to not go overboard with what you’re putting inside when it comes to larger items and avoid stuffing things to it’s fullest capacity otherwise you won’t be able to access the front compartment and makes the sling bag into odd shape which makes it uncomfortable on your body. Having said that, Bellroy Sling Bag works better with small and softer items as you can maximize this with the compression feature to keep it light and slim.




Bellroy surely doesn’t hold back when it comes to craftmanship. The Sling Bag is equipped with nylon straps on both sides which sits comfortably on your shoulder. Under the gloomy weather, The Sling Bag is made of water-resistant material that is sufficient to protect your valuables from rain drops.


Finally, whether you’re male or female, Bellroy Sling Bag looks great on you with every colors available.

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