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Bifa Felicio x Matador : True Gentleman Travel

Bila Felicio, or best known as Bifa, is a content creator as well as avid traveller that dedicated his life to travel around beautiful places in Indonesia. His love to travel starts when Bifa had his first roadtrip travelling with his family to Bali. His experience of finding a way through the map he bought at the bookstore at the time, made him fall in love to travel to new places that he had never been before. For him, traveling is not limited to "walks", but rather to his spiritual journey in understanding the process of life. Meeting new people, diverse traditions make him learn to not only understand himself but also understand others, and nature itself as a destination. "In my opinion while we’re still young, you had to be brave and go out, learn new things, and understand a different world. This way your life will not always be about
you, but you can also be more sensitive about your surroundings.”



When he's not travelling, you can find Bifa im the corner of Coffee Shop in Jakarta with his laptop, camera and drone. Accompanied by a cup of coffee, Bifa find this activity his way to find healing in the midst of Jakarta's crowded place. "I actually really like caffeine. It really seems to make me literate and excited. Maybe because I always sleep more than 2 hours, so a day without coffee is like something is lacking haha" he said.



In addition, the coffee shop is a convenient place for him to edit moments that he successfully captured while traveling. For him, traveling does not only stop when he has been lying in his Mattress, but also how he can inspire others by sharing his stories, photos, and video while traveling. He currently doing it by starting a personal Youtube channel, where he discusses many tips and tricks in videography, also shares his traveling journey in vlogs.



"Keep it simple" is his motto that Bifa believes in every trip. For him, the most important thing in traveling is to enjoy the journey and capture the moment to be remembered later. Therefore, in every trip Bifa always tries not to bring a lot of things to make his travel simple. "Cameras, drones, gorilla pods, and Matador Freefly16 is always on my essential listed items. For the clothes, I always carry just enough for me that i never bring suitcase." Said Bifa.



He then explained, the biggest reason for choosing Matador Freefly16 for his travelling partner is because it is packable, so that Freefly16 can be his companion on his journey around a city. "Normally, I put my main items and bags in a hotel, and when I go around in that city I bring my Freefly16, and I just put stuff like a camera, drone, and change clothes into it.”


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