Chrome Industries x Panji Indra : Niko Backpack Black


On last Sunday, our photographer friends, Panji Indra, along with Reza Fauzi, tried the Chrome Industries Niko Camera Backpack Black. This specific backpack is a low profile but full of features, a favorites of photographers--including Panji  Indra himself. Panji delevoped his love for photography since his young age, and he continue to mucking around with both of his analog to digital cameras, exploring fashion, wedding, or even portraits—you name it. Even as a professional, Panji prefers to commute by bike or train and here is where Chrome Industries Niko Camera Backpack comes to helps!



Niko Pack has room for tons of cameras, lenses, tablets and laptops and more in customizable modular diveders, which make a lot of street, action, adventure, to professional photographers in general loves to bring to the road. It’s a comfortable, technical, yet simple—with 23Litres capacity, this travel bag is perfect for the urbanite photographers on the go. Even tho it has 23litre capacity, this pack has a nice, minimalistic look to it. It has LOT –and by lot we mean, really,  A LOT—yet they’re all cleverly hidden from view until you open the bag. It got the classic black look which giving it more minimalistic look, with some subtle Chrome’s specialty, the “seatbelt-style” straps. The back overall didn’t even looks and feel bulky once it’s full—making Panji choose this bag over other bags since it keeping a relatively slim profile, while making every camera gear and some basic photography essentials inside safe. Since Chrome use a 1050D nylon on the exterior and 400D tarpaulin interior—which makes it strong as it doesn’t have any problem with scratches, rips or tears. The tarpaulin also added a layer of waterproofing, making an extra safety for all the camera inside the bags.


For this bag, the shoulder strap are made from breathable mesh material with good amount of cushion, so even when the bag is full and heavy, your shoulder won’t get hurt while using this bag. The bag also has reflective stripes sewn into the nylon, which quoting from Panji, “making me feel safe when i’m cycling in the road, since people can see me from the reflection of their light”. Chrome also adding a hip belt into this camera, which is very good to help holding the heavy camera gear. This hip belt can also be removed easily, which makes it even better.



The other features that Panji really love, is that each side of the pack has a compression strap which can double as an “accessory holder” that can be used a place for tripods. You can put the tripod into either side, or even at the front.  While for the inside, there is a top pocket that fit a DSLR with medium-sized lens with an additional lens. On the flap, there is a mesh pocket for you to put your phone, wallet, or anything that you need to take in a rush.



Panji then explains more about what he like about this bag. “This bag also has a unique laptop sleeve inside—its actually on the front pack, unlike the other backpack that usually put the laptop sleeve on the back panel. This difference is actually good for if i need to take my laptop in such an hurry! But the cherry on top of this back is that the main pocket of this bag is only be accessible from the back panel, which gives me a sense of secure for all of my camera from potential theft. It’s also more accessible this way than when the zipper is up front. Other than the accessible back, the compartment also has series of divider that can be customized to fit all of my belonging based on my own layout, and all of them has padding on the bag and inside the dividers that makes the camera safe from bumps. All of this makes me less nervous when i ride my bicycle around the city while having my cameras on my back”.


Written by: Pramesty Panjalu Y.

Editor: Anne Kurniawati