The New Enhanced Matador Beast Series and SEG30!



Matador have officially launched their 3 new backpack products: Beast18, Beast28 and also SEG30. The Beast series are an enhanced version of the original Beast28, that has been sold in the market since 2017. The biggest difference this product lies in the frame, that is responsible for distributing weight from the shoulder straps to the hips, which the frame is a key part of any effective suspension system. Since comfort and durability is what Matador seek for, Matador then reinvented the Beast Series Packs like that: engineered to perform for long hours, conquer long distances, and carry weight like they are born for it.  



The new Matador Beast is equipped with the Flex Frames, a set out of design frame that is so stable yet flexible, and lightweight but still effective. The Beast series then relies on a flexible hoop frame suspension that especially designed for this new beast series. The Beast Flex Frame is then designed as a continuous hoop for added stability to transfer more weight to the hip belt with a lighter frame material. The Beast Flex Frame then comes out as ultra lightweight, but highly effective in distributing load, keeping you on balance, and agile in tough terrain.


Each pack of The Beast series are built from Robic® fabric and reinforced with a UTS coating for weatherproofing and durability. It also offers hydration-compatible frame packs engineered for technical outdoor pursuits, capable of packing down for compact transport. Features include removable hip and sternum straps, hydration compatibility, oversized water bottle pockets, two internal pockets, and gear loops to accommodate the tools you need for your hiking purposes. Like other Matador backpack, the beast series can pack down into a compression storage sack for travel.



The other backpack that Matador launched last month, was the downsized version of their most premium and the-award-winning-producer of high-performance backpack, the SEG42. Its reformed to be the smaller size of SEG42 with the size of 30liter, making it a SEG30. The SEG30 offers a maximal organization with minimal aesthetic, same as its older brother. It also offers access to four external zippered compartments, which allow organization by type, day or activity, while the oversized clamshell pocket allows separation of these compartments.


According to Chris Clearman, Founder and CEO of Matador, The SEG30 backpack is made because how good the response is for SEG42, and he himself then reimagined the SEG30 in a more compact form—either to make an everyday-carry backpack, a perfect gym bag, or even weekender duffle. It was meant to be light to carry and fast to acceess, while it also offers an efficiency of organization when you need it the most, especially for short trips or travels, since everything instantly accessible from the outside. Additional organization includes an external-access padded laptop sleeve and water bottle pocket. It also has rugged handles on three sides, makes it easy for people to grab it however they want it, and a detachable sternum strap for a more comfort in longer commutes.


The SEG42 is also still available in here, offering the same segmented external acess pockets with flexible compartments that trade space, adapting as you travel. It’s the first fully intergrated solution for one-bag travel, as it is also the award-winning of high performane backpack, thanks to its accessible full volume of the bag through the segmented zipper pockets. This pack combines the best assets of a backpack, duffle bag, and packing cubes into a groundbreaking new architecture designed for organization.
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Written by: Pramesty P.

Editor: Anne Kurniawati