December 03, 2017


Being clean doesn’t only apply for the ladies, for us mens is part of our personal qualities. There’s nothing wrong for a man wanting to keep his rugged beards or shabby sneakers, because it’s not about getting rid every inch of hair on parts of your body. Being able to maintain your body says a lot of how mature you are. 
Dopp Kitt Field Tan
Tanner Goods have produced some of the most attractive and resilient everyday carry makes it a leader in making hard-wearing and heritage-inspired products. It may not look precious at first glance but it's a perfect size toiletry bag with the double zip system for maximum and flexible access adds a nice touch to it.
SMITH is back and this time with its natural ingredients, Clayton makes more volume in you hair with natural matte finish. Our premium clay is naturally healing and stimulating the hair shaft and scalp so its good for men with sensitive skin and scalp and promotes hair growth. 
Fortify Conditioner
The Ubersuave Fortify Conditioner is a salon grade rejuvenating hair conditioner. Amino acid and carbohydrates actively repair and envelop the hair cuticles, creating a strong 24 hours protective film above each hair strand, keeping them moisturized, soft and alive. Suitable for all hair types. 
Charcoal Bar Soap
made from the best natural ingredients, from saponified oil of olive, palm, coconut, activated charcoal, NaOH, and fragrance. Plus it is mild and good for all skin type because it is non preservatives and SLS. With activated charcoal it could absorbs dirt and impurities from your body and face.
DAPPERS Folding Comb
Versatile comb, made and handcrafted with best materials to make high quality comb, it is made with straight and extra durable teeth. Keep in style because each combs is equipped with clip to put in your shirt.