Find Everything With Chipolo


Chipolo born in 2013 through kickstarter, to give people who tend to be forgetful about their wallets and key, a hope. With a simple idea, a bluetooth item finder that can connect to your phone and personal items, the brand Chipolo started off their journey with their Chipolo ONE, a chip with colourful colors that rings up to 120 decible so that you can find your lost items around. This stuff, is also the reason why chipolo is called chipolo. Because chipolo comes from the words chip and colours. This is also the reason why their colour scheme is so bright, including the color red, blue, yellow, green and white (and one black for the basic ones!)


The Chipolo ONE is also the most afforadble item tracker in market, with free features, means you don’t need to buy a subscription to know where is your items is located or where is the last time you and your items were last seen together. This chipolo ONE (and the CARD, and the orbitkey x chipolo!) has this features for free. So in one product, you can make the chipolo ring, tracks your items, have notification on so you won’t leave your items behind, can be used for a selfie stuff, and can even be controlled with voice control such as google asisstant and alexa!



Other features of Chipolo ranges includes the “share chipolos”, means you can share your chipolo with their chipolo account and you’ll both will be able to track them; the “community search”, means that everyone who has chipolo application will help you find it and if they come near your lost item, you will received an updated location, or else using the chipolo to ring your phone where you forget your place your phone.




The Chipolo Card, or knows as the thinest Chipolo comes in 68mmx27mm dimention and thicness up to 2,15 mm, which means that this chipolo won’t disturb you or added so much thicness in your wallet.



The last type of chipolo is a collaboration with a brand from Australia, Orbitkey.  This type of Chipolo is designed so it can be put inside the orbitkey organiser with the deminsions of 60x19.6x4.6mm, yet still has all the features chipolo products has. It can still do remote camera button for selfies or group photos, still using the same replacable CR1620 battery, and most importantly, it comes in a small package that fit perfectly inside your key organiser.


Other than being used as an item finder, most people also love to use chipolo to keep track of their pets! So, worry no more about loosing your pets, just track them in your application, where they are at, and where the last place you both seen together.

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Written by: Pramesty P.

Editor: Anne Kurniawati