Briston Chronograph, The Customer’s Favorite Stopwatch Function

There’s many function that Briston offers to their watches, yet, one of their function remains as customer’s favorite—up to this day. Meet Chronograph, which on term ‘chronograph’ means ‘time writer’, and mostly refers to watches with a stopwatch function. A basic chronograph has an independent sweep second hand and a minute sub-dial; it can be started, stopped, and returned to zero by successive pressure on the stem. You can use most chronographs to measure periods of time of up to 12 hours. However, there are chronographs with only two subdials, Briston Clubmaster Range, for example – usually a small-seconds dial and minute counter. Most of these watches can time up to 30 or 60 minutes.
Briston then creates a Chronograph version to three of its collection: The Classic, Sports, and Vintage that falls into the clubmaster collection. The central second hand, in Briston Clubmaster collection, measures elapsed seconds and fractions of a second for the timing function. A subdial, known as a small-second dial, display the “normal seconds” with a small second hand. To use the chronograph function in your Briston Clubmaster, simply press the top pusher on your watch. The chronograph hand will measure the seconds, and once a minute has elapsed, the hand on the minute sub-dial will inch forward, and the hands will continue to move until you press the top pusher again to stop the chronograph.  Just remember when you are not using the stopwatch, make sure to stop the chronograph function. Since allowing the chronograph hands to run continuously put unnecessary strain on the entire movement and wears down the components much more quickly.


Since every Chronograph collection falls into the clubmaster collection, the Clubmaster collection itself is defined by its specific shape: cambered-square. Briston offers different materials to dress this very retro-chic case shape: acetate of cellulose or stainless steel with matt, satin brushed, mirror-polished or PVD treatments on the case. The designs than differs in each of Briston’s collection: The Classic collection is an elegant, and a timeless watch that is made with a 40mm case with a cellulose acetate or steel case; The Sports collection is inspired by the 1960’s racing cars lines, with 42mm case with the chronograph date progresses through its graduated tachmeter scale in the inner bezel and its two counters of retro inspiration; while the Vintage collection consist of purity of lines and fine craftmanship that define a clubmaster vintage, also in 40mm case.

All of the Chronograph collection in Briston is equipped with a reliable Miyota OS21 caliber. The watch itself features hours, minutes, seconds, date and chronograph functions. Other notable design is the large date window that is positioned at 6 o’clock and 316 stainless steel bezel.

All the collection of Briston Clubmaster Chronograph, be it for The Classic, Sports and Vintage can be bought here.