Chrome Industries : Durable Gear Made For City


Made in 1995, Chrome industries are first made using Juki Sewing Machine, made in garage in Colorado resulting in the very first Chrome Bag, made with few yards of industrial-grade nylon, military grade truck tarpaulin, cordura and steel, and the commitment to make durable useful gear using whatever material available, thus making the tagline happens: Freedom Through Limitations. On the very first few bags Chrome made, they didn’t have enough money to make a strong buckle that could hold the weight of loaded messenger bag, so they salvaged seatbelt buckles out of junkyard cars. The original messenger bag quickly became a favorite of professional messengers around the world which now became their signature seatble buckle release that doubles as a bottle opener.


At that time, messengers need better stuff than what’s already available in the market that use less resources. Have more function, but less fashion. That’s how Chrome Industries become purpose built, Chrome Industries design and build their own things while taking care of how stuff is made. If what they made doesn’t have big purpose, then they will no longer be produced. For 20 years, Chrome Industries always stays on their commitment to make useful durable gear for people on and off the ride.



Nowadays, the messenger bags, which today have a closure made of robust metal, have long become cult not only among bicycle couriers, but among people who loves indestructible shoes and clothes to complete the urban chrome look. They have since expanded to incorporate an apparel line, which includes their best selling cobra merino wool hoodie, and a shoe line including their best selling low-pofile design Kursk street shoes with built-in cycling functionalities.




Until today, MORE by Morello does ship some of the Chrome Industries collection, including The Iconic Buckle collection which have shaped Chrome Industries to be who they are right now. The Iconic Buckle collection is durable enough to stay bucked through all of your journey, and easy one-click release to free.



There are also the Classic Heritage collection, that consist of the Blckchrm 22x collections made from durable 22x nylon laminate in black, the mono-chrome collections, consist of the Navy Tonal colour and Ranger Tonal Colour, the limited edition clear camo made from translucent poly film and the night series, made with additional reflective panels to add security during your night rides or walk. Lastly, there is also the urban Ex Collection, a collection that maintains the commitment to build a tough bags that put function first over fashion. Shop the Chrome Industries collection below in this link.


Written by: Pramesty P.

Editor: Anne Kurniawati