Topo Designs : Made For Anywhere On Your Map


Born and grown up and in the west, Jedd Rose and Mark Hansen – Founder of Topo Designs—had always been interested in not only spending time outside, but also in the gear needed to get out.– Wishing that there is a company out there that sells products with spesification of the gear they grew up using classic styling, functionality, durability and sustainability—Jedd and Mark end up producing their own products exactly with those spesification. And so in 2008, Jedd bought a sewing maching and began concepting, designing, and sewing packs in his Fort Collints basement, while Mark going aroud Denver to look for resourcers and partners to build the brand and designs. Mark finally meet local Colorado Folks to build their companies together, continue to work with them up to this day.



Until today, Topo Designs that born in 2008 continue to produce the most durable, versatile and beautiful products that can be used around the town, out on the trail and traveling across the globe. It’s also a plus side that this brand care so much about sustainability, making them having their very own rehab center. It’s always been the simplicity, classic, and well-designed products that inspired by their roots-mountain culture and outdoor living that keep them going.  Starting with the concept and design, Topo Designs continue to build their product using the highest quality materials, working with the most talented people, to create the best quality product. It then offers a versatily products with the longest life span possible, that can be used everywhere on your map.


The map itself has double meaning, which is maintain, act and protect. The Topo Designs MAP Pact initiative is designed to ensure the simple concept to maintain, act, and protect the communities. According to Topo, ‘the ability to maintain, act and protect can be  started with who we are as employees and individuals, and how we choose to maintain our environment, we can act on responsible decisions with the materials we choose and the products we make.’ Topo also wants people to engage and improve their communities, natural places and spaces around where they live, so they can see an immediate change, and can easily recruit others to protect the important places on their maps.




Not only Topo Designs is made to be used anywhere on your map, the creation process also happens all accross the globe. All of the Topo Designs products are done by the most skillful person in creating the masterpieces. They made all the classic packs in colorado, the Organic Cotton tees in Mexico, insulation pieces in Canada, or Technical Shells in Vietnam, all of that for the sake of the best quality products that can be distributed to you, our customers.


Apart of creating the best products with the best quality material by the most talented people, Topo Designs also care about sustainability, created this rehab center for repairs program for those well-loved pieces so they can used in a long time-- ultimately reducing the number of pieces that are unnecessarily discarded for something new. One of the best parts of building products that last is that they become a part of the people that own them. They become world travel companions, daily pack mules for their most prized possessions, and second skins to keep them protected from the elements.



For the signature designs, Topo has always so keen with their designs and color choices. Because the gear are meant for life time use, the styling also need to be clean, simple and timeless, with designs that could be from four years ago or forty. Part of sustainability by durability isn’t just making products that are enough to last, but it’s about creating products whose aesthetics can still be worn years down the road.


The first few products of topo design are developed with outdoor recreation in mind. The iconic Klettersack was modeled with military gear for specific recreational use: climbing. From the shape to the add-ons such as climbing rope and the gear straps, the features like nylon webbing, nylon ripstop and paracord, its all military insipired that transitioned into civilian clothing and gear because they were so effective. It is then brought the 21st century feature by adding an internal laptop sleeve so the pack can also function as an everyday commuter bag for campus or office. Most of Topo Design product also can be use in two to three ways, making it more durable to use.



The other signature designs from Topo Designs are the bright colours. If you ever wonder why Topo Designs always has bright colours, it isn’t just an accident; it’s their secret sauce. The hybrid of bright, outdoorsy colors and darker, classic hues is what makes them them and separates them from other outdoor brands. Topo mostly designs for outdoor, but also need to be suited in everyday life. Having a mix of bright colors, which transition better to non-outdoor environments than earth tones, plus classic, versatile colors like black, olive, charcoal and navy help facilitate that unique use-anywhere facet of Topo Designs.


They also have specific things that make Topo Gear completely yours: The Burly Zippers from YKK. There are lots of reasons why YKK zippers are chosen to complete the TOPO gear, but the biggest reason must be because YKK Zippers are known to be durable and repairable. Topo always use #10 size from YKK (which is their largest size, yet. The zippers are also easy to use, as the zippers offers two types of closure: racket coil and molded. Both are precision-engineered for a super smooth open and close, zip after zip. The racket coil features a thread chain stitch that runs through the zipper teeth for a smooth feeling zip, even around corners. Molded zippers offer the same smooth ride while also providing an alternative look to traditional zippers.



YKK Zippers also committed to sustainability. And by sustainability, it means that we build products that last and can be repaired rather than replaced. But that's not all: Topo knows how important it is to work with partners who actively do the right thing. YKK is committed to social responsibility and sustainability, and prioritize harmony with the environment in all of their initiatives. With all of these reasons coming behind, it’s just right for Topo to work with YKK, creating a sustainable products that can last for a life time!


Written by: Pramesty P.

Editor: Anne Kurniawati