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MATADOR Pack The Wild : Episode 3 Derawan

One thing we know from travelling is that it is unpredictable. No one's going to know what's going to happen in the future, but we know exactly that when we have fun, it's going to be a memorable trip in the future. 

We started our 3rd trip to Derawan Island, an island famous for it's Whale Sharks. This creature typically appear for 10 days and be gone in the next 20. Their appearance revolves around the moon. They act as a filler feeders, to balance the ecosystem by feeds on planktons and small necto life. We also managed to play in Pulau Pasir, one of the famous beach in this place. This time, we brought severals Matador products to protect our belongings from the wet environment such as Matador Duffle bag to pack our clothes, Matador Droplets bags to protect our stuff from getting soaked, to Mini Pocket Blanket to sit on the beach. 


Follow our adventure trail through the unpredictable Derawan Island from the clip!