MATADOR Pack The Wild : Episode 2 Kakaban

Kakaban is a paradise for people who wish to swim and see stinging jellyfish in person. It's one of the only two place to do so! One is in Palau, the other one is in Kakaban Island. We began the trip from Maratua and have to walk several miles in a bumpy road and use a boat in order to reach Sangalaki, which is a famous place to do cave diving. All the struggles and effort are paid once we arrived. You will know why once you see the place, the blue water greeted you soon as you enter the water, while the sea isn’t too deep to dive in and the orange purplish clear sky in the sunset time.


We're lucky to bring Matador Droplet wherever we go, because the bag comes in handy here, this pouch protect our smaller belongings dry when we are at the beach. It can even be folded when we don't need it. While on the road, it’s always a better idea to add extra-protection with our gadget belongings rather than sorry, which is why we decided to bring Matador Beast28. The technical backpack that is designed to stand against harsh environment.


Dive into the sea paradise, Kakaban and watch through our adventure exploring the wonderful island!