MATADOR Pack The Wild : Episode 1 Tanjung Puting

Did you know? Tanjung Puting is the most popular tourist destination in Kalimantan. A near guarantee you'll see free roamingorang utans, combined with a storybook journey up a winding jungle river. Sadly, not many Indonesian people like to go to this place, as Tanjung Puting screams forest and adventure as soon as you arrived. That's why our team, MORE team pack up things with Matador and go to Tanjung Puting to preserve the wild.


We started the adventure at Sekonyer, 7 am sharp, and goes straight to Tanjung Harapan at 9, welcomed by Orang Utan and other tourist who wish to see them in person. Meeting locals who excitedly ask us to play with them, and even manage to play near the Kumai river to catch sunset.

All of the journey that we've carried on are for the sake to gain respect and awareness of preserving the nature and all living things. Thanks to Matador, we manage to have a comfortable adventure. The backpack is so light that we don't even feel like we're carrying such heavy equipment to the jungle. The water resistant features also helps us to go the river without being afraid our stuff will be wet. Definitely a must have item when you're about to go to Tanjung Puting!


Watch our journey through the wild and wet of Tanjung Puting!