Fixed on The Vision, Flexible on The Journey

"Music is my vision, while teaching is my mission of life."
 After a tiring day as teacher, Teezy often listen to some of sample beats that he has prepared, either for night jams or clients who ordered music scoring. Working as a music producer is indeed a tiring job, yet rewarding at the same time. From meeting his idol (to the point where he did collaboration with them), to visiting cities in Indonesia such as NTT or Papua, which he never thought he would ever visit if he wasn't a DJ.



Teezy uses youtube as his main platform for fun while on a trip and promote his music. He also constantly share his stories from how he organised my DJ essentials to behind the scene moments while He was performing on stage. Personally, vlogging is exhausting and complicated yet there is no greater feelings when someone realized how much people appreciate what you do.



At the end of the day, going through two whole different passion at once feels like draining my energy but at the same time, music has been ingrained in my life and teaching also helps me focus with my music. Both passion also strengthen each other, that I can even say that, music is my vision, while teaching is my mission of life.