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Pedalling Through Jakarta with Panji Indra



At the beginning Panji and his best friend developed his love for photography and it continues to grows on him ever since. From mucking around with analog to digital cameras, explores fashion, wedding and portraits, he had all been there. Although, Panji have always been attracted to technologies, be it camera or even collectible toys such as Lego. As a professional, he prefers to commute with bike and train, as it become the fastest way to moves around in Jakarta where traffic have always been a nightmare.



“Cycling was a hobby at first, but with Jakarta’s traffic, it becomes the best way for me to commute. The ETA(Estimated Time Arrival ) is more predictable and you may discover little things along the way.”

 Whether it is work or leisure, he does not hesitate to ride his bike to the malls or coffee shops."By cycling, I can predict my time, determine how long will I stay in the street, whether to speed up or to slow down to enjoy every little things viewable only when cycling or walking. I'm in control of my trip!” 



When inspiration struck, Panji would easily get off from his bike and take photographs or perhaps open his laptop in band other essentials. In order to support his lifestyle Panji greatly depends on something that is light-carry, secure and weather proof which is Bellroy.

"I don't always buy stuff, but when i do, i buy things that i definitely need, functional, and lasts for a long time”Even though Panji seems to be always on the move, as man of his own he loves things that has a character and such is Bellroy.