Ade Safrina : A Journey Through Facts and Fiction


Ade Safrina or “Nui”, a dedicated journalist and bookworms, loves to indulge herself approximately 5-10 books/month. In order to de-clutter from her career, she enjoy cultivating personal strength and inner-calm (yoga) as well as spending time with her families. 



As someone who strives to educate and inspire others, Nui needs to be on top of everything from the start of the day. For her, getting in touch with those in need is essential by participating in social organisations. "As Journalist Broadcaster in Berita Satu TV, my responsibilities include researching topics and background information for featured programme as well as rehearsing shows. I made scripts and content for news while also liaising with the other production and technical team members. In addition, I introduce, present, and host programmes. I also interview lots of informants in the studio, either by telephone or by location as part of the programme."



"I really appreciate people who struggle in their life and work really hard to achieve something. Because for me, the most important thing from someone is not one's appearance, but how they made something and what has one done for the society."


With her career, it’s no surprise that she is always occupied with a busy schedule and required to move around quickly, inside offices or coffee shops. It is most likely everyone nightmare and Nui’s to carry around big and bulky bags. Mid-size yet able to bear everything that she needs: laptop, mobile phone, wallet and personal essentials. 



Nui feels she is drawn to Bellroy wallets, specifically Note Sleeve. Despite her chaotic work schedule and everything that comes with it, she is the minimalist type of person. When things are fit on it’s supposed places or something that looks elegant yet straight-forward are what she really attracted to and what Bellroy is.