Seeing Sounds with Mondo Gascaro


Growing up in a music-lovers family, Mondo’s grandmother loves to sing “Bengawan Solo” and his father was a singer. Since the early age Mondo have always been surrounded by music, he started listening to The Beatles, Nat King Coleand Big Crosby when he was only a toddler. Music have always been a big part of his life which then he continue to pursue in college. A lot of times he turns his surroundings to become inspirations when making music, from families, friends as well the natures.


Despite of his achievements from producing movies tracks of Berbagi Suami (2005), Quickie Express (2007) and Pintu Terlarang (2008), Mondo himself is a personality who remains humble. Around the early of 2000 he formed a band called “Sore” which then disbanded in 2012 after releasing 2 monumental albums: Centralismo (2005), Ports of Lima (2008). Other than composing music, Mondo teamed up with his wife, Sarah to produce artists and bands under their music label Ivy League Music such as PAYUNG TEDUH - Dunia Batas (2013), NOH SALEH - Angin Kencang (2015).


In 2016 Mondo released his debut album under Ivy League Music, Raja Kelana. Shortly after it’s digital launching on 25th November 2016, the album quickly recognised by Tempo Magazine as “The Best Album of 2016”, reached #2 in Rolling Stones Indonesia from “20 Best Album of 2016” and made it as “ The Best Indonesian Album of 2016” by editorial picks. The album have reached to Japan and reviewed by more than 90 Japanese media.


Mondo was born from a Japanese mother and Indonesian father which likely why he is someone who is both neat and messy just like Japanese in general. Because of his love of reading, he has a library at home that is already overloaded with books, where even a person could not fit into it, Mondo's wife explained.


Among all of the Bellroy wallets, it seems Note Sleeve caught Mondo’s attention the most. It’s tidiness and simplicity which shaped the wallet fits his personality and essentials. The all-rounders wallet helped Mondo to organise his finance between career and family efficiently, even more when he needs to travel or performing around cities.



Mondo is a natural while composing music, he would hum, fingers tapping, whistling as melodies and all kind of sounds rushes into his minds. Sometimes inspirations struck him while he does all those things. If there is a way to describe music from his point of view, he sees sounds and visualise them through the music he makes. A simple daily routine in the morning with 2 cups of coffee, cigarettes and a guitar is sufficient for Mondo to create a masterpiece and sometimes great food, deep conversations, movies and books.