Lucky Suherman & Ade Putri : The Cyclist Trail


 When buses, trains and any other vehicles takes forever to get anywhere and seem to be the magnet of people who enjoy playing music loudly on their headphones, or perhaps when you’re feeling the natural exhilaration on a train ride but soon obstructed by someone else’s armpit on your nose for the next 20 minutes or more. For someone like Lucky and Ade, bike riding are much more appealing than any other transport not only it cuts through traffic jams, zip everything quickly from A to B and saves them from all those commuter drama but it also gives them the body benefits.




Although it lacks the pheromones of driving a luxury car, when you live in a city like Jakarta you don’t get wooed compared to someone who owns a car but riding a bike throws off as a rugged daredevils cutting through bumpy roads and muddy trails. And it can get hot at times underneath all the stylish gear when riding a bike and when it does Ade have prepared in advance to stack all her essentials inside Bellroy All Conditions Phone Pocket Plus from whatever her biking journey might bring. Speaking of wallets to bring on a bike riding normally people would not mind to bring something bulky in order to protect their equipments but Lucky prefer Bellroy Card Holder, slim and simple to stash all of his bank cards.




Cycling can do what no other mode of transport can do for the body and at times it can be a little demanding while pedalling through the heat, but to Lucky and Ade distance never seems to be an obstacle as they choose to take their time to stop and rest when they need it.



While relaxing between her cycling, Ade brags about her Bellroy All Conditions Phone Pocket Plus with how the water-resistant shell and soft microfibre lining within acts as a nesting place for her phone as well with her other things and a special bumper also keeps things from moving around in chaotic conditions especially when her grips are sweating from cycling these features also prevents from slipping off. Lucky then proceed to show his Bellroy Sleeve Wallet. For someone who prefer to only bring cards outside, it’s just the perfect kind of wallet. The Sleeve Wallet has three slots: one on the front and another on the back and the other compartment with a pull-tab. The front compartment is a quick access card slots which can hold 1-2 cards. 




Lucky and Ade then moves on eat Bakmie noodles for lunch and to recharge after pedalling through the city and conversing. As they indulge themselves with the delicious Bakmie, Lucky and Ade continue to tell us more about their passion in cycling and how Bellroy fits into their visions.