Lucky Suherman : For Foods Sake

Regardless of how expensive and sophisticated a cooking utilities are used, each of chef’s experiences and their sense of sight, smell and touch will always produce a different and unique flavour from the same raw materials.



Luckily, the name “Lucky” doesn’t define him for being able to be part as owners and chef of 7 Speed Coffee located at the heart of Kemang, South Jakarta, Lucky Suherman’s passion for the food industry rooted deep down from his family. Inspired to follow his family legacy, Lucky started his culinary journey from 2007-2012 by studying hospitality and travel industry at JIH where he learned how to cook, food platting to setting up a kitchen and selecting raw ingredients.



As culinary have always been a part of his life, for Lucky cooking doesn’t only happens in the kitchen but by exploring and tasting varieties of foods including the one he’s completely unfamiliar with. Because to him the most important thing of being a chef is the ability to adapt and to have the desire of learning new positive things. Lucky himself has ventured through some of the most prestigious kitchen which are JW Marriott, Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton and Lucy in The Sky, he also played a part of setting up a coffee bar in Bandung and Coffee Smith in Jakarta. His daily routine begins as early as 5.30 in the morning followed by getting ready and breakfast until 6, then at 7 he would be prepping for coffee shop until it opens at 8. Nowadays, Lucky settled with 7 Speed Coffee where not only it’s known for it’s taste, but also the consistency in delivering great quality coffee and foods. Over the time, the place has attracted community from diverse industries such as cycling, photography, music and coffee enthusiast.



Apart from living from his dream job as a chef and coffee shop owner at 7 Speed Coffee, perhaps it’s Lucky’s adventurous spirit that has brought him to cycling, not only as a hobby but a mode of transport as well. Lucky loves good food to compensate, he uses cycling as exercise to keep his body on the move and stay fit, but more importantly it saves him from wasting time by waiting for public transport and it’s expenses.



Personally, Lucky is the kind of person who prefer to planned out of everything and he takes organising seriously. For someone who value quality over quantity, he collect many things such as bicycles, G-Shock watches, herbs plants, shoes, shirts to chef utilities which is kitchen knifes, Santoko ( Japanese general-purposed knifes ). Lucky thinks functionality is essential, when necessary he prefer the expensive ones. While cycling, Lucky carries LBB sling shot over his shoulder where he stashed all his daily essentials bluetooth speaker, earphone, charger, sunnies, powerbank, perfume, jacket, handphone, wallet, folding knife and all kind of keys inside. In case of emergency, he always keep raincoats and cycling kit in his bicycle’s pocket.



Cycling can be demanding at times, as it tends to keep you carefree from it’s surrounding. Lucky needs something simple and smaller and fortunately he has been holding on to Pioneer Molecule card wallet  with it's exceptional state-of-the-art fabric Futureform™ which sewn as strong as the hot- forged metal tools used by mountain athletes. 



While pedalling through everything that goes around in Jakarta, Lucky seems to constantly stumble upon something interesting, he enjoys photography as part of his cycling routine and document anything he sees or meet on the road. Others describe Lucky as someone who loves to eat good food and the down-to-earth type but his passion for foods always pulled him closer to other people around and make friends easily.