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Nick The Barbership: Cutting Edge


They say “great things never comes from comfort zone” and fortunately, so does Nick the Barbership. His career started by cutting his friend’s hair while he was in university and having no experiences or any formal education whatsoever, Nick is a self-taught who has managed to successfully initiate his career as a barber. Though in the long run, Nick is striving to be the pioneer of barber industry and establish barber academies all around Indonesia.




In 2012 he quits his job as a project manager and decided to travel to India, it was after that when Nick received a compliment from one of his friend who really like his cut that he decided to pay. From then onwards, Nick began to receive even more request from his friends, relatives and acquaintances around him. Nowadays Nick runs his own barber studio “Nick The Barbership” at Panglima Polim, is a secluded type of space where his customers experience the privilege and freedom interacting to expressing themselves towards his service, therefore customers need to reserve a time before coming.




Being a barber for Nick means he need to take hygiene very seriously, maintain great attitude and manner along with open-minded character to be able to engage and keeping up a conversation with various kind of customers. Being able to open his own barber studio demands Nick to continue learning and stay update with the latest hairstyle trends.



 Apart from Nick’s dreams and visions as a barber he is known as cardo junkie,he loves to do different kind of exercise that raises heart rate : crossfit, running, swimming, baseball are just a few that he does regularly. Nick is also quite the adventurous, he tend to drawn to the “get lost” experience and travelling seem to satisfy his craves for it.



It’s no wonder cutting people’s hair on a daily basis eventually, will create mess around his studio and Nick needs to tidy up after each of customers. This leads him to appreciate things that’s compact and functional especially accessories such as wallets. Along with other things, Nick choose to use Bellroy The Tall Navy, a classic look and most importantly it’s signature quick access slots.

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