Unraveling 2022: A recap of what’s trending in 2022


We all know how it’s been since the pandemic strike in 2020. We never really knew how and when things will end, but by 2022, everything starts to run back to normal. Due to the long pause of the pandemic, a lot of mandatory lifestyle activities and platforms have turned towards digitalization. This causes people to spend more time at home–building their own new habits and environments in the safety of their houses. From this, simple-lifestyle and tech-oriented lifestyle trends are born. With that, MORE by Morello took a very clear consideration to our goods by curating new items that align with the current trend of 2022, that will of course, encourage you to live better and simpler throughout the new era of 2022 and the upcoming years ahead. Here is a brief story of our journey that we call  Unraveling 2022: A recap of what’s trending in 2022.

Lifestyle Items

After the pandemic, a lot of people started to spend their days outside of their homes due to the feeling of freedom after being secluded in isolation for two years. This is proven by one of PT Transportasi Jakarta expert, Barnard Wiharja, as stated in an article entitled“Greater Jakarta: Number of public transport users on the rise” posted on He mentioned that  Trans Jakarta users are normally 1 million per day during the PSBB (large-scale social restrictions), as per August 2022, it reaches 700 thousand. To support the new active commuting lifestyle, MORE by Morello provides multiple items that will make your commuting days feel simpler.


First, everyone needs a bag. Back then, people used to love backpacks. But based on our own market research, Messenger bags and Sling bags are winners this 2022. ALPAKA Alpha Messengers offer you limitless versatility, with 24/7 safety measures (thanks to their extremely rugged material) and a 14” laptop compartment for convenience.  Check out ALPAKA Alpha Messenger here. 



Talking about Sling bags, Bellroy is no doubt still the runner-up for simple Sling design. They are spacious with many pockets inside and out for multiple organization options that you can adjust according to your daily haul. Looking at the design of  Bellroy Venture Sling that comes in different sizes, you can interchange them for travel trips or daily errand runs. Super simple and totally your call!



Lastly, the most mandatory item that everyone must carry on a daily basis are wallets. After a few debates here and there, we concluded that Billfolds are the best wallet type to have. Billfolds are simple and their shapes are well-known over the generations. To turn your daily activities into an experience, Pioneer Matter Billfold offers you a rugged, slim-profiled classic Billfold styling that only breaks in, and never breaks down.  See MORE about Matter Billfold here.


Outdoor and Travel trends

Aside from active lifestyle trends, Outdoor and Travel trends also went booming in 2022. This is because in 2022, many countries started to change their traveling policies–allowing people to travel domestically and internationally again like old times. Since people are inspired to live simpler lives during the past years, travel trends rise with accessories and pouches that help you stay organized throughout your trip without having to carry separate caddies. 


Known for their take on stylish outdoor, followed by their motto #TheNewOutdoors that encourages people to change paths and continuously redefines what  outdoor  means to them, all Topo Designs items are designed with utility, sustainability, and inclusivity in mind, from backpacks, duffels, to the  Accessory Bag. This classic-styled pouch is made in three different sizes–allowing you to store your essentials based on sizes or uses, with durable nylon material that puts nothing but longevity first. 



Tech & Tech Accessories

This 2022, everyone is fond of technology. People can’t get over the fact that in the past years, almost everything has taken a turn in digitalization–business meetings are now held in video-conferences from the comfort of your own homes, work duties are allowed to be done at home in your own working spaces. For this, we have two winning brands. The first one in the line is Deltahub, with their award-winning Carpio 2.0. Deltahub’s  Carpio 2.0 is designed specifically with physicians, to help prevent wrist fatigue and overtime wrist problems when you are working or gaming at home. This wrist rest provides comfort with silicone padding, while also providing maximum utility in movement, thanks to the teflon gliders on the bottom of Carpio 2.0.



The second item comes from Mujjo. The Laptop Sleeve from Mujjo combines premium felt and vegetable-tanned leather in an exquisite and praiseful design. Not to forget the function beyond the beauty of Mujjo, the Laptop Sleeve carries its own integrated storage inside that can be used to store earphones, SD cards, and MORE!




In the past years, many people started to ditch single-use products since they can’t really leave the comfort of their homes most of the time. Early coffee runs at coffee shops are put on hold for years. Home-brew coffee trends rise, and so are the trends for drinkware. Aside from all this, climate change took a positive turn during the pandemic since the air is clearer, the water is crisper, and everything seems better because human activities are limited for over two years. With this, we added new lines of brands for Drinkware. One of them is Hitch.



Hitch has a very intriguing design for a drinkware– a tall 18oz bottle with a hidden 12oz cup underneath. There are fantastic functions within one bottle, and this bottle can be used to store water so you don’t forget to drink your water, and the cup can be used when you make a quick pit stop at the local coffee-shop before work, since it’s barista-approved. 

That is all from our 2022 Recap. Written to bring back the timestamp of trends in 2022, and inspire you on your extravagant years ahead!