If we’re talking about luxury brands for phone cases, Mujjo is one of the brands that is often sought out and gets a lot of attention. Founded in 2011, this brand from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has succeeded in getting the title of the best brand in making products for their customers.

Mujjo uses premium quality leather, full-grain, and vegetable-tanned leather processing in such a way to produce the best premium quality leather. This process also makes the leather material last longer. At this time, only 10% of leather materials have used the vegetable-tanned process, so it’s not surprising that Mujjo products have become a brand with a premium title.

The special leather material makes Mujjo products have unique and personal differences depends on daily usage. Therefore, Mujjo managed to get many positive reviews from Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and other media as one of the best brands in the world.

Just as wine has added value and improves over time, so does Mujjo’s leather case. The leather material used will be more comfortable in the hand as time goes by. That’s because the texture is soft but not slippery, so you don’t have to worry about the phone falling out of your hand.

On September 14, 2021, Mujjo just released their newest product, the iPhone 13 series case. Sometimes, the little things that are not too visible can make a significant change, likewise, with the changes given by Mujjo to his newest product.

This iPhone 13 series phone case is back with three stunning colors. Tan, a caramel color that brings a balance between beauty and fun. This color may turn light yellow or get darker over time. Another option that Mujjo has is Monaco Blue, a deep blue shade that can turn into purple and green under different lighting. The final color, Lowkey-Black, is a classic black for a strong impression of elegance.

This time, Mujjo provides several new things to improve quality. First, Mujjo has sealed the bottom and made sure the phone will be neatly wrapped. However, keep the speaker and charger port open for easy charging and get a great experience when listening through the speakers. Second, this latest case has come with an additional bezel around the camera to protect the phone’s camera from rough surfaces.

Not to forget about their trademark; the iPhone 13 series case is also back with a wallet case that makes it easier in everyday life. The small wallet on the case’s back can hold 3 to 5 cards. It is suitable for storing essential cards such as debit cards, credit cards, and even driving license cards. With this feature offered by Mujjo, you only need to remember your key and be ready for your day.

The screen part of this phone case is 1mm higher than other areas to protect the phone screen from scratches and rough surfaces. Like the previous product, Mujjo maintains the quality of comfort and beauty by using luxurious Japanese microfiber, with a satin-like finish but increasingly sophisticated for the Inside. The design that is made is also very slim and follows the shape of the cellphone to produce a charming, sleek, and slim look.

The volume and power buttons are also entirely wrapped in leather and specially designed for high responsiveness. So, you will have no trouble when pressing these buttons. This phone case is also compatible with wireless chargers, making it very easy for users to charge.

In addition, as we know, Mujjo continues to create quality goods such as laptop sleeves and tech gloves. In addition to making it easier for users to carry laptops when traveling, Mujjo also gives users access to stay connected with their technology gloves without worrying about weather conditions. If you’re connected to places with cold weather, you don’t have to bother removing gloves to access your smartphone.

View Mujjo iPhone 13 Series HERE.