Only Drink In Your Travel Tumbler? Well Not Anymore!

24Bottles is known to be a sustainable company that produce water bottles, and coffee cups in a form of travel tumbler. As a way to help to restore the earth, 24Bottles creates every of their designs with a combination of a form and function, that stands out for its lightness and allows you to avoid disposable plastic daily.

With that in mind, 24Bottles tries to give you a lifestyle of refilling your own bottles and cups while keeping your style in check with every designs that is offered by 24Bottles and their tumblers. By choosing this unique design of accessories, you will add special touch for your everyday live and will help you to reduce the usage of disposable cups, plus, if you are going to cafe, some coffee bars even offer special discounts if you bring your own reusabe cup. So there’s literally no reason for you not to use your own water bottle or tumbler when you are on the go.

Other than 24Bottles’ Urban and Clima Bottle, 24Bottles also offer their travel tumbler in two sizes, the 350ml and the 600ml. Because we know that you are always on the move, 24bottles then create the ultimate accessory for coffee, tea and smoothie lovers and a stylish commuter-proof ally during the rush hour, so you can bring it with you and enjoy your favorite drink in its perfect temperature, the way it was meant to be consumed, as the travel tumbler can keep your drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 12.

The travel tumbler also has zero emissions, which means that every CO2 emissions involved in the production, transportation and packaging for all of 24bottles products, are offset. The entire volume of CO2 emissions is absorbed by the trees we plant in Oxygen, our forest.

Altho the tumbler was meant to be a drink container at first, with the additional Fill&Go Lid, you can now keep your favorite food either hot or cold for hours and bring it with you wherever your like! You can put your ramen inside, or a chicken porridge, a yoghurt bowl with honey, even cold milk for you to eat your cereal with. The best part of it is that 24Bottles’s food grade product won’t let you to have a smell stain in your tumbler, so you can just simple wash the tumbler away and it will be as good as new.

The Fill&Go Lid is perfectly leakproof, but easy for you to open. Choose among 24bottles’ wide range of colorful bottle and tumbler, to express yourself durig your hydration moments!