Boost Your Confidence With A Series Of Best Grooming Products, Carefully Chosen By Us!

Men, it’s time to invest your money to the right grooming products, hair, face and body care, because a grooming products for men is equal a skincare for women. Whatever style you fancy, what’s more important is to take care of it, and to take care of your body well, you'll need the righteous products to create the look you are aiming for. So here we present to you our Men's grooming collection, which consist of different types of grooming products you might need..

  1. Oaken Lab

Starting off as a perfumer, Oaken Lab meticulously created scents starting from idea or imagination of a vivid memory of a place and a time, then turns it into grooming products. What started off as 3 scents: Batavia Barber, Earth of Mankind, and Far Afield, now has expanded to 6, with the addition of Plein Air, Conservatory, and Sanctum scents. These scents, then put in the shape of grooming products (shaving soap, aftershave splash, pre-shave oil, pre-shave balm), face & body care (hand soap, bar soap, face wash, face moisturiser, body wash, shampoo, hand&body lotion and deodorant) to room scents (scent tag and reed difuser). You can try to buy the scent set too, to experience the Oaken Lab’s unique scent stories in the most perfect way!

  1. Ubersuave

The name Ubersuave comes from the exact same word that means outstandingly charming, confident, and elegant. To receive such look, Ubersuave comes with 3 different products, The Strong Hold Pomade with insane hold, The Volumizing Clay Pomade with a matte and volumizing finish, and The Matte Wax for a long lasting & excellent hold & styling. The scent differs from a perky Bergamot Citrus, soothing floral cologne scent, and the sweet Kyoho Grape aroma to add more confidence ato accompany your day!

  1. Apestomen

As a Singapore based men's grooming and lifestyle fashion brand dedicated to the continuation of men’s evolution, Apestomen comes into the market with three different types of pomade. The Cola Pomade is a super strong hold, water based pomade that is great for slick or clean styles, The Nitro Wax that is a super strong hold, water based pomade that is great for slick or clean styles, and The Volcanic Clay, a high performing clay, lightly scented with Bergamot Lemon Lime and silky to the touch with an extreme hold. All of this hair products are free from parabens and nasty chemicals, suitable for all hair types, and were all made to assist you in enhancing your life in the moments in-between.

  1. Jack Henry

Jack Henry dedicated their time to craft the best grooming products with the least amount of ingredients and zero harmful chemicals, and still manage to make the best quality of grooming products despite the very least ingredients. Cited from themselves, most hair products have up to 30+ ingredients, while Jack Henry’s clay only needed 4. What’s started off as a a brand that refuses to use any synthetics, now has winning lots of awards as a sustainablle grooming brand that you need to add to your daily routine. Their product includes pomade, cleanse+, face moisturizer, face toner, face refresh, hair refresh, beard oil, nightly detox, morning hydrate, and deodorant.

  1. Maro

The newest addition to the team, Maro, is a japan-based hair care products that ranging from hair loss and hair thinning, to body odour and skin care products; all to give Men the self-esteem and confidence they need in daily life. Maro products includes 2 different types of shampoo; The volume Up shampoo for the normal and dry hair that can help to boost your hair volume up to 1,5 times, and the Deo scalp shampoo for an oily scalp hair, made for a deep cleansing purpose without stripping away the moisture. These two shampoo also comes in a cooling sensation type of shampoo with extra menthol. The other products they have include the hair essence and the wipes, made with collagen and extra vitamin E!


From grooming products, face, body, and hair care stuff, you can find all of these brands in our store,!